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Our Process

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All projects begin with a collaborative site meeting where we learn more about you, your home, and your project to jumpstart the design process. We then turn the information from this meeting into several 3D renderings for your review. This allows you to digitally inhabit the space and finalize all the small details before any building begins. This helps minimize headaches and hiccups down the road and make the construction process as smooth as possible.


Once the design has been chosen and approved, we move into fabrication through a combination of off- and on-site work best suited to your project. With a small team we control each stage of the building process which produces quality, consistent results we are proud to stand behind. If your project requires specialty trades such as electrical or plumbing work, we will coordinate and oversee that work to ensure it works within the design and minimizes disruptions in your home.

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Once the project is complete and the punch-list signed off, it is time to relax and enjoy your new space.

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